Cuban Sandwich

*Makes 4 sandwiches

Cuban bread or French bread, but not a baguette
Butter, softened
Dill pickles, sliced
1-pound roasted pork, sliced (May use roasted turkey if you don’t have pork) but, Cuban style is pork!
1-pound good ham
½ pound Swiss cheese, sliced (best to use a mild swiss)
Yellow mustard


  • Preheat a panini press (or large sauté pan if you don’t have a press but you will need something heavy to press your sandwich down while cooking)
  • Cut your bread in half
  • Spread thin amount of mustard on each half of bread, then spread the outside with small amount of butter. (You can use spray butter also)
  • Layer all the ingredients on bottom side of bread, pickles, roasted pork, ham, and cheese
  • Top your layered side with other slice of bread
  • Place your sandwich in the press and spread or spray a small amount of butter on top
  • Close your lid and give it a good press, may even hold it down a bit!
  • Grill for about 2-3 minutes until the cheese is melted and your bread is a golden brown!

(Your sandwich should be pressed to about 1/3 is original size) so keep pressing it down!

TIP:  Let your meat and cheese come to room temperature before starting so you don’t burn the bread before the cheese is melted!