Private Party Rental

Capacity: Outdoors: 200 max; Indoor: 40 max.

Rates & Fees: $400 per hour. The rate will be applied to setup and takedown.
Clean up fee: $125. Minimum of 2 hours of required.

Wine club members will receive 10% off the rental fees and wine purchases.

Deposit: $300 deposit required at time of reservation. The deposit will be applied to the rates & fees upon contract fulfillment. Reservations are made official with the receipt of the deposit and made binding upon the receipt the signed agreement.

Amenities: Cubanisimo Vineyards has tables and chairs for up to 40 people inside or 100 people outside. The tables may also be used as display or buffet tables. Tables & chairs other than those existing at the facility are to be provided and removed by the Rental Party. $250 fee if we are to remove our tables and chairs out of the venue.

The Rental Party is responsible for the setup or arrangement of tables & chairs other than those provided by Cubanisimo.  Seating arrangements should be communicated to Cubanisimo Vineyards 14 days prior to the event.

Catering: Catering to be provided by Rental Party. Catering party is expected to take everything they brought with them when they leave. Equipment for catering includes access to a sink, refrigerator, a water hose, an oven and electrical outlets. Plates & utensils to be supplied by Rental Party.

Beverages: All alcoholic beverages are to be provided by Cubanisimo Vineyards. No outside alcohol is permitted. Rental Party must notify Cubanisimo Vineyards of specific requests such as champagne, beer or soda at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer & wine. The Rental Party or Catering party may provide non-alcoholic beverages.

There is a minimum purchase requirement of 1 case of Cubanisimo Vineyards wine for every 50 guests. After the minimum is met, Cubanisimo can offer a no-host bar, or an open bar.

There is a $20 restocking fee if you do not use at least 50% of specially ordered alcoholic beverages such as beer and sparkling wine at your event. Cubanisimo charges $5 per beer for most beers. Kegs start at $275 and increase based on the beer selected. There will be a $125 service charge assessed for all keg rentals to cover the OLCC approved server and delivery fees.

For further questions or to book an appointment, please contact or 503-588-1763