What Does Oregon Wine Mean to You?

Oregon wine has been part of my Oregon history from the moment I arrived to practice neurosurgery in Salem, Oregon. Wine, and in particular pinot noir was a passion of mine throughout my training, and from the moment I arrived, and became aware of the climate, the soils, and the quality of pinot noir this area produced, I was hooked.

From the onset, as I immersed myself into classes about wines, vineyard managements classes, marketing classes, wine making classes, and I started connecting with the marvelous people in this industry my interest in Oregon wine grew within me.The level of comradery, and the collaboration between the players in the Oregon wine industry also became a draw to my wanting to be part of this industry.

Professionally trained to deal with many of people’s most difficult life problems, many involving very trying, and emotional medical circumstances then my decision to participate in the wine industry, and Oregon wine became my balancing ballast.

As a neurosurgeon I work hard to bring people back to health, as a winery owner I celebrate their health, and add to their lives joys by producing, and sharing with them our excellent wines.

In addition, Oregon wine, and my decision to be part of the industry, has allowed me to further join my passion for celebrating life with my passion to celebrate, and share my Cuban culture as we present all our wines at Cubanisimo Vineyards with a Cuban flair.

Finally, of equal meaning, and personal importance, Oregon wine has meant for me an endless opportunity to make new friends, connect with old friends, and advance the bonds that make us all one family.